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Stripper space was designed and setup to offer and adult alternative social network for strippers and the people who love them. With sites like msypace and facebook being so prude, deleting profiles that show even bikini pics and such, we decided to make an alternative site where strippers can post racy pics and show their saucy side without having to deal with myspace censors and facebook tracking and family crap - no need to use your real name here! Stage names are just fine!
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Sex Chat Guru helps strippers make money on web camSometime in 2011 our site made it’s way onto some kind of Asian spam list and we got hammered with non stop spam and fake profiles trying to get links to fake handbags and all kinds of cheap knock off fake ass crap - so we have shut down the profiles system for now while we work on a newer and better system for keeping out the spam an allowing strippers to report annoying fake ass posers.

In the meantime we recommend that you check out the action we’ve got going on a our live strip club strippers web site.

For live strip club videos and desktop strippers one your computer screen check out strip club strippers.

If you are anxious to setup an adults only, uncensored profile and enjoy a social network dedicated to the naughtier side of being social - then check out this adults only space site we have been working on!

We have had some interest from others in purchasing our site, and as to where we are not interested in selling any time soon, we may consider offers for a joint development or advertising investment - if you are interested in that kind of thing, then contact us at the Global Adult Media Investments page here.

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